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Ski resorts in Europe

Looking for your next ski destination in Europe?

Let help you to find your next favorite ski destination in Europe.
We have made it easy for you to find the ski destination, that suits your requirements. Choose from our big database of all resorts and destinations in Europe.
Are you looking for the cheapest and best value for money ski resorts in europe? Luxury hotels with ski in and ski out? Or maybe just the biggest and most famous destinations with most lifts and slopes? We have all destinations from Austria,  Italy, France, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and all the other countries in Europe.
We have one of the largest list / databases of ski resorts with all kind of information for every ski resort. We have a lot of different information like stats about weather, snow conditions, snow history, lift statistics, slopes counts, ski pass prices and a lot of other information.
You can find the list and statistics below and start your comparison and selection of ski resorts in europe.
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Skiing in Europe

Skiing in Europe is an experience unlike any other in the world.  The mountain villages, history and traditions, cultural diversity from one valley to the next, plus of course the food and drink, mix wonderfully with the huge terrain, incredible lift systems and great snow.  Spending the night in an Italian mountain rifugio or an Austrian guesthouse dating from the 1500s add layers to European ski holidays that make it unforgettable. Once you ski Europe, you will definitely be back for more.
The great advantage of skiing in Europe is the diversity and ease of access to a huge number of superb ski resorts in a relatively small area.  Most of the great ski resorts of Europe are within three hours travel (train, bus or car) from the major international gateway airports of Geneva, Milan or Munich. There are fabulous train journeys that go direct to incredible ski resorts, some even have a gondola ski lift at the train platform (Kronplatz in Italy). No where else in the world has so much to offer.

The number of ski resorts in Europe is massive, easily exceeding 1000.  From small village lifts to enormous interlinked resorts that have to be seen (and skied) to be believed. Much of Europe’s best skiing is in The Alps, which span the Mediterranean coast of France through Switzerland, northern Italy, Austria, southern Germany and into Slovenia. The mountains are giants so skiing in Europe offers endless runs on huge vertical, and the spectacular scenery can be admired from the slopes, a comfy lounge chair or from soaring cable cars. The ability to ski from village to village is common, and in numerous resorts you can even ski from country to country. The old-world villages are quaint and offer opportunities to stop for a food, wine, beer or an aperitif.
For the more adventurous, Norway has some wonderful ski and snowboard adventure opportunities. Iceland and Greenland even more so. Skiing in Spain allows for some beach and snow combinations that are difficult to replicate elsewhere.
Luckily for the Powderhound, in alot European ski resorts the locals have their priorities totally skewed when it comes to skiing. Many European’s prioritise food as the most important component of their ski day, then après ski festivities a close second, whilst the actual skiing or snowboarding is only the third priority. This is what makes Europe a great ski holiday destination! There’s excellent skiing and snowboarding for the early riser, but also a chance to soak up some fabulous European culture, enjoy après and the animated nightlife, plus eat the wonderful cuisine.
Back-country touring opportunities are boundless in Europe, but avalanche awareness and skills are absolutely necessary.  If in doubt get a guide or join a tour.

List of ski resorts - Europe

Last updated: 12. April 2020

Parameters Definition
Resort The name at the ski & snowboard resort.

If some resorts are connected to other resorts in networks* and have combined their names, Ski Resort Statistics will split these up anyway. For example, with “Flachau / Wagrain / Alpendorf” in Austria. On our website we have divided these resorts individually: “FlachauFlachau / Wagrain / Alpendorf“, “WagrainFlachau / Wagrain / Alpendorf” and “AlpendorfFlachau / Wagrain / Alpendorf“.
That way, it is possible for you to find the city / resort you are looking for while we providing the correct information.

* / cooperations / consortium / union / federation / regions

Network The name at the network the resort operates with.

Also called: cooperations / consortium / union / federation / regions

Country The name of the country in which the resort is located
Continent The name of the continent in which the resort is located
Heighest point The highest mountain point at the ski resort
Lowest point The lowest possible point to ski at the ski resort
Child friendly Is the ski resort child friendly or not?

We evaluate the resort’s family friendliness based on certain criteria and parameters.
It includes: number of starts slopes, family offers, ski schools, childcare, prices on ski passes, etc.

Ski pass prices adult  The price shows what it costs for 1 adult for 1 day in the main season in Euro€.

For resorts outside of EU, and EU-countrys there don’t use Euro €, we have converted the amount to Euro €.
For example, we have converted all US resorts using Dollar $ to Euro €.
This we have done so our database becomes more transparent and comparable.

Ski pass prices children  The price shows what it costs for 1 children for 1 day in the main season in Euro€.

For resorts outside of EU, and EU-countrys there don’t use Euro €, we have converted the amount to Euro €.
For example, we have converted all US resorts using Dollar $ to Euro €.
This we have done so our database becomes more transparent and comparable.

Season  Shows when the resort normally start and end the ski season. 

Note that it allways will depend on the weather and snowfall.

Ski map  Link the latest updated ski map for the resort.

We try to redirect you to the official resort ski map.

User rating From a scale 1-5, where 5 is the best, how do the users of the resort considering the resort?
E-mail  Official e-mailadress to the resort.
Website  Official website to the resort.
Beginner slopes  The total amount of “beginner” slopes in kilometer at the resort.

“Beginner slopes” contains “children”, “blue” and “green” slopes.

Intermediate slopes The total amount of “intermediate” slopes in kilometer at the resort.“Intermediate slopes” contains “red” slopes.
Difficult slopes  The total amount of “difficult” slopes in kilometer at the resort.“Difficult slopes” contains “black”, “advanced” and”expert” slopes.
Total slopes  The sum of “beginner slopes” + “intermediate slopes” + “difficult slopes”
Longest run The longest possible run at the ski resort, without using any lifts.
Snowparks  Does the resort have one or more snowparks, or not?
Nightskiing  Does the resort offer skiing on illuminated slopes?
Surface lift etc. The amount of lifts in this category: T-bar, Sunkidslift, Rope lifts and people mower
Chairlift etc. The total amount of chairlifts.
Gondola etc. The amount of lifts in this category: Gondola, Train lifts, Funicular, Combined gondola and chairlifts, Helicopter lifts, Snowcats and Aerial tramways.
Total lifts The sum of “surface lifts etc” + “gondola etc” + “chairlifts etc”
Lift capacity  How many passengers can the lift system at the ski resort mowe in one hour?
Total lifts open  The amount of current open and runnings lifts at the ski resort. 

Updated daily.

Total Snow cannons  The total amount of snow cannons at the ski resort.
Avg snow last 5 seasons  The average snow depth for the last 5 seasons.

The average is calculated by taking the mean of the snow depth at the top and bottom of the mountain.
Calculated on the basis of either winter season (week 45 to 15) or summer season.

Current piste quality
Current upper snow depth
Current lower snow depth
Current Fresh snow
Last snowed
Snow next 9 days

How to find your next favorite ski & snowboard resort?

In the list below you can find a lot of usefull information about every ski & snowboard resort worldwide.
To make it easier to choose your new favorite ski resort you can use the “filter”-function. For example, you can choose your preferred continent or countries.
Simply press on the select box.
You can also sort the list for lift ticket prices, user ratings or any of the other parameters.
If you want information about snow and weather conditions og weather forecast, you just have to change the tab to “Snow info”.

On the tab List definitions tab you will find an adequate description and definition of all the different parameters. Here you can read how the snow measurements are made, how the ski pass prices are collected, etc.

All data on Ski Resort Statistics are collected and compiled daily from the world’s leading ski resort portals.
This ensures that data is updated and valid.
Ski resort statistics compares data with authorized ski portals like: –
SkiCentral –
On the snow –
Ski Club Uk –

Skiing in europe
Find your next ski destination in Europe.

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